Net Cloud Systems (NECS) started in mid of 2009. The main focus area was to build few strong IT teams comprising of skilled IT professional, capable of undertaking projects in VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), content management systems, mobile application development for IPhone, Android and Symbian platforms.

Within around 8 months of time, NECS engineers completed SIP phone development in Windows, Symbian platforms. And of course SIP proxy (OpenSIPs - Kamailio), RTP Proxy were customized and installed in cloud. It basically gives a complete end-to-end solution for clients who want to operate, manage VoIP solutions across globe.

There was no look back after that. NECS started its service division, as we believe to sustain in this unpredictable time, NECS should look at all possible opportunities available. Today Net Cloud Systems is engaged with more number of clients, developing many solutions in telecommunications and CMS (Content Management Systems), application developments etc. In addition to that NECS has undertaken few advance tool developments keeping in mind the demand of such tools in coming days.

NECS engineers are quite responsible and work with clients in very transparent manner, as if they own the module and are responsible for any breakdown/failure of modules they are working on. Wherever possible NECS engineers keep posted to client managers and colleagues of possible risks ahead in project execution and possible solutions to mitigate the risk.

NECS does not take particular work, domain as religion and always ready to undertake works in different domains/technologies. If you are looking at developing any IT products or need skilled engineers in real quick time in any domain/technology you can contact NECS admin team at info@netcloudsystems.co.in.