Services - Domains & Technologies

NECS undertakes work, provides suitable engineers at competitive price for various domains and technologies listed below.

  • C, C++ in Linux, Windows, Embedded Systems - NECS develops, maintains many C/C++ based projects on VoIP, automation, memory leak detection etc. If you are in urgent need of C/C++ it can be supported quick time.

  • Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets - For front end interfacing Java, advanced Java are used, if you have Java based work to be out sourced, or you need engineers with Java skill set, same can provided quick time.

  • Shell, Tcl, Perl, Php scripts - NECS engineers automate lots of modules for automation testing, execution of regular tasks. If your project demands script developers, can be supported quick time.

  • VoIP, SIP, IMS, RTP, RTCP - NECS develops automations tools and is a a preferred vendor for automation solutions for many companies. You can take advantage by using NECS team for your automation work. Either you may outsource automation work or NECS engineers can work together with your team to automate test execution.

  • DSP, G711, AMR, OPUS, VP8, VP9 - NECS works on audio/video codecs for different projects. If you need DSP engineers, NECS shall be able to provide quick time.

  • Open source consulting in Kamailio, OSIP, ORTP, SRTP - Lots of open sources are used in ethical manner at NECS. Kamailio, Drupal, OSIP, ORTP, SRTP and few more are being used and NECS engineers are expert in these. If you have got any such open source work, it can be executed at ease and quick time.

  • Content management system - Drupal - Drupal is one of best content management open source. NECS engineers are quite expert in Drupal module development. If you have got any independent drupal module to be developed you may like to outsource it to NECS. Its done at very competitive price.

  • Automation testing - NECS, being automation tool development company, you get best automation engineers from NECS. You may like to take advantage of NECS automation expertise and utilise for your product.

  • Manual testing - If you are in need of manual test engineers, it can be supported quick time.

  • Multiplier script - If you are using Multiplier tool, and you need engineers to develop test cases in multiplier environment, NECS can provide best engineers for this job in quick time.