Mission and Values


  • NECS wants to grow both in service and product division.
  • In service side, NECS provides skilled and hands-on engineers to clients as and when required.
  • Provides best possible technical resource for the specific job.
  • NECS guarantee protection of customer‟s confidential/IPs related information.

  • NECS provides technical know-how to clients in certain domains such as VoIP, CMS, RTOS/Embedded systems etc. and assists them to move in right direction.
  • NECS works proactively, works with client teams to know upcoming requirements and starts early drive to keep engineers ready in relevant skill set.
  • NECS interacts with client teams in regular intervals, and if there are any poor performing contract engineers NECS takes appropriate action.
  • NECS believes in retaining good performing engineers by providing better package / perks. Thereby NECS makes sure minimal attrition of contract engineers who are working in client locations. In worst case if any contract employee quits, NECS provides immediate replacement.
  • NECS engineers undergoes training to maintain honesty, reliability and own the assignment thereby making them responsible for quality.